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Not your Father's  Miniature Golf... nor a Practice Green. These are competitive smaller scale courses providing a real golf experience to the public.

Our courses are professionally managed and operated. Built identical to full size courses with all the charms and challenges of the game of golf - just in miniature.  There is no need for 14 clubs, golf shoes, tees, 5 hours of free time or the other expenses associated with the game of golf. 

All you need is ONE CLUB, ONE BALL AND ONE HOUR.  We will gladly provide the ball and the club, if you have the hour!

Our courses include meandering holes that require strategic putt placement off the tee box, along with sand and water hazards requiring precision approach putts.  Each hole has a risk - reward option for those seeking that Hole In One, however we have no concrete curbs or bumpers - what we do have is real hazards, real roughs and real out of bounds.

Our courses include hilly terrains, slopes and various green speeds that require proper reads and lags.  Each hole is meticulously manicured and landscaped to include waterfalls.  Each tee and green, weather permitting are seeded with Bent Grass which is known for it's density and response to mowing. 

Our mission is to  provide a fun, social and entertaining golfing experience for all  - by taking the expense, time consumption and skill mastery from the game of golf . Making the experience easier, social, fun and affordable.

Each course is composed of 3 - 9 hole courses, where guest can play a different 18 hole round of golf each day.  How is this possible?  Only two courses are used daily to allow the greens and tee boxes time to heal from the daily traffic and stress.  Each hole is reversible, allowing us to flip the tee boxes and greens on a as need basis.

Holes are measured in feet rather than yards.  Hole lengths will range from 50 feet to 125 feet in length.  Pars will range from 2 to 4 putts per hole with a maximum of 7 putts per hole.  Sand traps on each hole are shallow and puttable, water hazards are shallow with grass ramps or narrow putting areas to maneuver or jump.

Our amenities will include a full service Pro Shop, Retail Shop, Party and Conference Rooms, Outdoor Seating and Dining.   All 19th HOLE BAR & GRILLES will include indoor entertainment including Augmented Reality Golf Games.  Some locations may also include training facilities, driving ranges and entertainment centers.

We offer open tee times Monday through Thursday and Sunday from 9am to 9pm and 9am to 11pm  on Friday and Saturday.  (Hours are subject to change)  Walk on or open play is accepted at any time. (Subject to buyouts or corporate functions)  Parties and groups larger than 15 people are required to make a reservation for birthday parties, corporate events and team building events or open play.  We also provide services for dinner events, putting lessons and strongly encourage lunch hour business with a quick round of golf and lunch specials.

Memberships are available for individuals, corporations and families at a discounted rate.  Please check with our Sales Team for times and prices.  Corporate Outings and Team Building Events are encouraged.  Most facilities can handle upto 300 people for a buyout.

For the serious golfers we host quarterly contests, tournaments and qualifiers, as well as Glo ball tournaments and yearly club championship tournaments

Don't forget to check out our catering options for groups and parties as well as our full service bar and grille options at THE 19th HOLE BAR & GRILLE